Publisher Integration
Error Codes

HTTP Status Codes

Linkbest API uses standard HTTP status codes to represent the results of API requests. The corresponding status code explanations are as follows:

CodeResponse MessageDescription
OKEverything is working as expected.
400BAD REQUESTThe request is not acceptable, usually due to missing required parameters.
401UNAUTHORIZEDADS_KEY is not provided or is invalid.
403FORBIDDENThe request is not allowed due to lack of permission.
404NOT FOUNDThe requested resource does not exist.
405METHOD NOT ALLOWEDThe method used in the request is not supported.
429TOO MANY REQUESTSThe API requests are being made too frequently. It is recommended to reduce the request rate.
SERVER ERRORThere is an issue with the Linkbest server. (This is rare.)

API Business Service Error Codes

Even when the HTTP status code is 200, the API request may fail due to various reasons such as parameter errors, missing data, insufficient balance, etc. Linkbest provides the following error codes to explain the reasons for the error. You can handle the errors accordingly based on the following error codes.

Although business service errors are rare, we recommend writing code that can gracefully handle all possible API exceptions.

Error CodeDescription
200Normal response
4000Validation error, please check the parameters
4001Operation data does not exist
4002Insufficient resources, such as balance
4003No permission to operate on the corresponding data
5001Network busy