Publisher Integration
API Reference
Promotion Plan Query

Basic Information


  • Request Method: POST

Request Header

Header ParameterRequiredExampleDescription

Common Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredExampleDescription
AppKeyYes2312521Website application AppKey
TimestampYes1596592757Second-level timestamp service name

Interface Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredExampleDescription
QueryNoSearch keyword
StoreIdNoStore ID, from the ID of the store list interface
IsApplyNo1: Query applied plans, 0: Query all
PageYesPage number, default 1
PageSizeYesPage size, default 20, maximum 200

Request Example

    "Query": "string",
    "StoreId": "string",
    "IsApply": "string",
    "Page": "string",
    "PageSize": "string"

Response Parameters

NameTypeRequiredDefaultDescriptionOther Information
StatusintegerOptionalStatus Code
MessagestringOptionalError message
Dataobject []Optional

item Type: object

├─ ProgramIdstringOptionalProgram ID
├─ ProgramNamestringOptionalProgram name
├─ StoreNamestringOptionalStore name
├─ ChannelstringOptionalActivity type: 0 web, 1 wap, 3 ROI, 4 mini-program
├─ RddaysstringOptionalRD validity period
├─ CommissionstringOptionalGeneral commission description. For specific commission details and policies, please visit the program details
├─ CategorystringOptionalMerchant type: 0 domestic merchant, 1 overseas merchant, 2 cross-border e-commerce
├─ CategoryAreastringOptionalWhen Category=1 (overseas merchant), this field indicates the eligible tracking areas for the program
├─ SupportSubIdstringOptionalWhether SubId is supported: 0 not supported, 1 supported
├─ ApplyModestringOptionalReview mode: 1 manual review, 2 automatic approval
├─ StimestringOptionalProgram start time, format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
├─ EtimestringOptionalProgram end time, format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
├─ UrlstringOptionalDefault URL
├─ ProgramLogostringOptionalProgram logo
├─ StatusstringOptionalProgram status: 0 to be submitted, 1 pending review, 2 rejected, 3 running, 4 modification pending review, 7 terminated, 8 suspended
├─ ProgramApplyStatusstringOptionalApplication status: 1 approved, 0 not approved, -1 not applied

Response Example

    "Status": 0,
    "Message": "string",
    "Data": [
            "ProgramId": "string",
            "ProgramName": "string",
            "StoreName": "string",
            "Channel": "string",
            "Rddays": "string",
            "Commission": "string",
            "Category": "string",
            "CategoryArea": "string",
            "SupportSubId": "string",
            "ApplyMode": "string",
            "Stime": "string",
            "Etime": "string",
            "Url": "string",
            "ProgramLogo": "string",
            "Status": "string",
            "ProgramApplyStatus": "string"