Publisher Integration
API Reference
Order List

Basic Information


  • Request Method: POST

Request Header

Header ParameterRequiredExampleDescription

Common Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredExampleDescription
AppKeyYes2312521Website application AppKey
TimestampYes1596592757Second-level timestamp service name

Interface Parameters

Parameter NameRequiredExampleDescription
WebsiteIdNoWebsite ID
ProgramIdNoPlan ID
SubIdNoFeedback label
StimeYesStart time, in seconds timestamp, note: the time span cannot exceed 1 day
EtimeYesEnd time, in seconds timestamp, note: the time span cannot exceed 1 day
OrderFieldNoTime dimension: UpdateTime: update time, ChargeTime: settlement time, OrderDatatime: creation time, default: UpdateTime
StatusNoQuery orders with settlement status in Linkbest Union. Optional values: -1 invalid, 0 unconfirmed, 1 confirmed, 2 settled
PageNoPage number, default: 1
PageSizeNoPage size, default: 20, maximum: 200

Request Example

    "WebsiteId": "string",
    "ProgramId": "string",
    "SubId": "string",
    "Stime": "string",
    "Etime": "string",
    "OrderField": "string",
    "Status": "string",
    "Page": "string",
    "PageSize": "string"

Response Parameters

NameTypeRequiredDefaultDescriptionOther Information
StatusintegerOptionalStatus Code
MessagestringOptionalError message
DataobjectOptionalOrder response
├─ IdstringOptionalOrder ID
├─ ProgramIdstringOptionalPlan ID
├─ ProgramNamestringOptionalPlan name
├─ WebsiteIdstringOptionalPromotion position ID
├─ LinkIdstringOptionalPromotion plan link ID
├─ SubIdstringOptionalFeedback label
├─ OrderSnstringOptionalOrder number
├─ ParentOrderSnstringOptionalParent order numbers
├─ OrderTimestringOptionalOrder creation time, format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
├─ OrdersPricedecimal(10,2)OptionalEstimated order amount, e.g., 1.00
├─ SiterCommissiondecimal(10,2)OptionalEstimated order commission, e.g., 1.00
├─ CurrencystringOptionalEstimated order currency: CNY Chinese Yuan, USD US Dollar
├─ StatusstringOptionalSettlement status of Linkbest Union: -1 invalid, 0 unconfirmed, 1 confirmed, 2 settled,
├─ ConfirmPricedecimal(10,2)OptionalConfirmed order amount, 1.00
├─ ConfirmSiterCommissiondecimal(10,2)OptionalConfirmed order commission, e.g., 1.00
├─ ChargeCurrencystringOptionalConfirmed order currency: CNY Chinese Yuan, USD US Dollar
├─ ChargeTimestringOptionalSettlement time, format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
├─ Detailsobject []OptionalOrder details

item type: object

├─ ItemCatestringOptionalProduct category, subject to actual merchant platform results
├─ ItemCateNamestringOptionalProduct category name, may be a numeric identifier or text description, subject to actual merchant platform results
├─ ItemIdstringOptionalProduct ID
├─ ItemNamestringOptionalProduct name
├─ ItemPricestringOptionalProduct unit price, unit: yuan. Currency: fixed to CNY Chinese Yuan
├─ ItemCountstringOptionalNumber of product items
├─ OrdersPricedecimal(10,2)OptionalEstimated product amount, currency: consistent with the currency field, e.g., 1.00
├─ OrderStatusstringOptionalOriginal order status description on the merchant platform, may be in English, Chinese, numerical value, etc., subject to actual results. No corresponding relationship with the settlement status of Linkbest Union
├─ OrderCommissiondecimal(10,2)OptionalEstimated product commission, currency: consistent with the currency field, e.g., 1.00
├─ OrderSnstringOptionalOrder number
├─ ParentOrderSnstringOptionalParent order number/child order number
├─ ItemImgstringOptionalProduct image address
├─ ShopTitlestringRequiredStore name
├─ LbOrderStatusstringOptionalTranslated merchant status by Linkbest Union: -1 unknown, 1 pending payment, 2 paid, 21 processing, 3 shipped, 31 in transit, 32 rejected, 4 received, 41 settlement in progress, 5 settled, 6 invalid, 7 completed, 8 in dispute, 81 dispute resolved, 82 dispute failed, 9 refunded, 10 returned, 11 system locked;

Response Example

    "Status": 0,
    "Message": "string",
    "Data": [{
        "Id": "string",
        "ProgramId": "string",
        "ProgramName": "string",
        "WebsiteId": "string",
        "LinkId": "string",
        "SubId": "string",
        "OrderSn": "string",
        "ParentOrderSn": "string",
        "OrderTime": "string",
        "OrdersPrice": null,
        "SiterCommission": null,
        "Currency": "string",
        "Status": "string",
        "ConfirmPrice": null,
        "ConfirmSiterCommission": null,
        "ChargeCurrency": "string",
        "ChargeTime": "string",
        "Details": [
                "ItemCate": "string",
                "ItemCateName": "string",
                "ItemId": "string",
                "ItemName": "string",
                "ItemPrice": "string",
                "ItemCount": "string",
                "OrdersPrice": null,
                "OrderStatus": "string",
                "OrderCommission": null,
                "OrderSn": "string",
                "ParentOrderSn": "string",
                "ItemImg": "string",
                "ShopTitle": "string",
                "LbOrderStatus": "string"