Brand Integration Guide

Linkbest Tracking Instructions

Linkbest will pass the Tracking ID to the landing pages of your website, app, or WeChat mini-program. You should capture and store the Tracking ID on the landing page (we recommend storing it in a first-party cookie or session) and report the sales conversion data and Tracking ID information to Linkbest through Linkbest's API when necessary events occur (such as submitting an order or making a payment). Linkbest performs attribution based on the Tracking ID.

Sales Conversion Data

Before integration, please ensure that your sales conversion data structure includes the following required fields or their equivalent fields.

(Specific parameter names can be replaced with macros in the brand backend settings.)

LbidYesstringTracking ID generated by Linkbest for attribution
OrderIDYesstringUnique order number
TransactionTimeYesstringOrder time
AmountYesnumberOrder amount
StatusYesstringOrder status (specific values defined by the advertiser and synchronized with Linkbest)
SubOrderIDNostringSub-order number
IsNewCustomerNonumber1 for new customer, 0 for existing customer
CurrencyNostringCurrency unit (default: CNY)
PromoCodeNostringPromotion code
ItemDetailsNoarraySpecific SKU details of the order
----ItemIdNostringUnique item ID
----ItemNameNostringItem name
----QuantityNonumberItem quantity
----PriceNonumberItem price
----CateIdNostringItem category ID
----CateNameNostringItem category name
----PayAmountNonumberTotal amount paid (used for calculating partner commission price)

Integration Methods

  1. API Tracking Integration (Recommended)

You can interact with Linkbest's API through server-side calls to manage the lifecycle of sales conversion data and maintain other promotional information.

  1. Site JS Tracking Integration

JavaScript pixel code tracking is a way to track and report online sales conversion data to Linkbest. It consists of several JavaScript code snippets, typically inserted into your website's HTML document through a tag manager or manually. These tags work together to identify customers, track conversions, and report order (and item) data on your website.

  1. APP SDK Tracking Integration

You can track and report sales conversion data to Linkbest in your app by integrating the APP SDK provided by Linkbest.

  1. WeChat Mini-Program Tracking Integration

The WeChat Mini-Program integration method mainly explains the process of tracking and handling attribution parameters in WeChat Mini-Programs.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact your marketing consultant.